We want to provide a curriculum that is no longer based on delivering QCA units of work but one that is more relevant and engaging and that extended learning and creative thinking.

Our Principles for creating a relevant and engaging Curriculum that extends learning and creative thinking.

  • Valuable exciting experiences are planned for, not as a bolt on but integrated into the curriculum. The engagement of pupils is core.
  • Themes are to culminate in an event or product, which provides an audience, and purpose for children’s learning this may involve parents.
  • All themes must identify visits/visitors/outdoor learning which will be included.
  • Extensive use is made of the locality and the community.
  • Planning starts from National Curriculum AT’s and skills and attributes.
  • Key aspects of learning and curricular skills must be included in theme plans.
  • Themes should take account of the wide curriculum and therefore should reflect the differing sources eg. one science led, one history, one geography an equal balance of the foundation subjects must be taught over the year.
  • Themes should promote healthy living wherever possible
  • Class Learning Walls and theme planners should be displayed for each topic/theme.
  • Literacy outcomes to be addressed mainly through sets and with cross-curricular literacy sessions where genres are linked to relevant areas of study
  • An introductory session to the theme involves the children, to find out what they already know and what they would like to find out.
  • Discrete ICT lessons to be taught but continuous links to be made across ALL subjects.
  • RE equivalent of 1 lesson/week may be blocked, or taught as part of a cross curricular theme.
  • Science – equivalent of 2hrs/week over a half term – where possible linked to a theme.
  • Numeracy to be taught for at least 1hr/day. It is acknowledged that this will more often than not be a discrete lesson.
  • Assessment opportunities for foundation subjects should be identified at the planning stage.

Further information about each year group and areas of the curriculum is available through the links below

Puffins – Reception

Robins – Years 1&2

Kingfishers – Years 3&4

Owls – Years 5&6