Arkholme Church of England Primary School



The Governing Body is the accountable body. It is responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards. The Governing Body aims to ensure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.
At Arkholme School we have 12 Governors comprising 7 Foundation Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor, 2 Parent Governors, 1 staff Governor and the Headteacher.
The number of Governors is set by the Diocese and the local authority. The Full Governors meet three times per term through two sub-committee and once as a full governing body.

Parent Governors – The role in summary
• The role and responsibilities of parent governors are no different from those of other governors
• Parent governors are not delegates and do not speak ‘on behalf’ of the parent body, but bring a parental perspective to the issues discussed
• The main difference is that parents are elected to the board, not appointed (unless there are fewer candidates than vacancies)

If you have any issues concerning your child’s learning you should speak to the class teacher in the first instance. Other whole school issues should be taken directly to Mrs Ingram. Anything concerning the Governance of the school to the Chair of Governors.

Minutes of previous meetings

Standards and Effectiveness – Autumn 2019

Resources – Autumn 2019

Name of Governor Position Elected Start of Term End of Term Resources Standards, Effectiveness & Communications Management Declared Business Interests
Mrs. Beryl Waddington Chair Of Governors / Foundation Governor DBE appointed 05/12/2023 04/12/2027 My son is a Parent Governor
Mrs. Joy Ingram Head Teacher Ex-officio 01/09/2012 31/08/2024 None
Mr. Graham Brough Vice Chair/Foundation Governor PCC appointed 22/01/2020 21/01/2024

Chair of

B4RN Shareholder
Mr. David Waddington Local Authority Governor LCC Appointed  09/07/22 08/07/2026 Chair of committee     My Mother is the Chair of Governors.
Rev. Lucie Lunn Foundation Governor Ex-Officio 06/03/2023 05/03/2027      None
Mrs. Emma Muckalt Staff Governor Staff Elected 27/03/2017 26/03/2025     None
Mr. Christian Reddy Foundation Governor PCC appointed 16/04/2018 15/04/2026     None
Mrs. Josephine Piner Parent Governor Parent Elected 27/05/2021 26/05/2024     None
Dr. Alice Helyar Foundation Governor PCC appointed 14/11/2022 13/11/2026     None
Mrs. Hannah Stephenson Parent Governor Parent Elected 08/12/2022 07/12/2026