Robins – Information

Welcome to Robins. 

The Robins are a wonderful bunch
of year 1 and 2 children who love learning and have a lot of fun in their amazing classroom. They are taught by Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Wheatley.

Weekly routines:

Children have P.E. on Monday and Wednesday. P.E. kits should remain in school until half term when we will send them home.
On Monday Class 2 will do P.E. with Mrs Whitaker.
On Wednesday Year 1 do P.E. with Mrs Muckalt and Year 2 will do P.E. with Mrs Burgess. Year 2 will need to bring in an outdoor games kit on Wednesday and take it home each week.

Children will be heard read in class three times a week, including during their weekly guided reading session.
The children choose and change their book when they have finished their previous book. Please continue to read with your child daily, or as often as possible. It would help if you could record when they have read in their reading record.

Children will be taught phonics in year 1, and spelling in year 2, on a daily basis. These sessions are fast paced and dynamic, involving games, activities, reading, writing and spelling.
To support your child with their phonics and spelling, we will send home a letter pack, for you to help your child practice and enhance their letters and sounds skills.

In Class 2 homework will take the form of letter cards, words, number cards and games. It is not to be ‘handed in’ but should be seen as something you can use to support your child in their learning.
During holidays, children will be given an open ended task to complete, which should be handed in after the holiday. We may also ask for children to collect items, or bring something in from home.

Our class pet is a dinosaur named Rex. Rex loves writing, and is here to help the children with theirs. Every fortnight, Rex will be invited to spend two weeks with someone. He has a diary and it would be great if you could help your child record his adventures with you.
Please encourage your child to write as much as they can in the diary. The focus of this is to encourage the children to write, therefore it doesn’t matter what Rex has been up to, as long as the children can write something about it.

Please do not hesitate to come and see us if there is anything you want to discuss.

Mrs Hayley Whitaker & Mrs Hilary Wheatley

Jolly Phonic (YouTube Link)

The Phonic Alphabet (YouTube Link)

The Cursive Alphabet