Arkholme Church of England Primary School

If your child requires medication to be administered in school, the consent form below must be completed, thank you.

Medicine permission

Strep A and Scarlett Fever information

This is guidance provided by Cumbria County Council but is relevant and applicable information for our school.

CCC PH Scarlet fever one minute guide – December 2022

CCC PH Scarlet Fever Fact Sheet for educational settings and parents – 30 Dec 2022 (1) (1)

CCC PH Scarlet Fever information for education and childcare settings – 30 Dec 2022 (1)

Below are links to further information regarding illness and the Coronavirus situation in schools.

This will be updated as new information is made available to us. – Supporting children’s wellbeing

Catch Up funding

GOV.UK Endling Isolation early a pictorial guide – 2 January 2022

Infection control in schools

When should my child return to school – Not COVID