Summer Term 2017

This half term Miss Alexandra Hall will be joining Class 4 to complete her final teaching placement. One of her first tasks will be to judge the accuracy of the geographical data in the holiday brochures the children have produced and to select her favourite American holiday from the itinerary’s presented by the children.

We will stay in America to examine the past civilisation of the Mayan and develop our creative skills from this.

We will continue with revision activities in the lead-up to the SAT which will begin on Monday 8th May.

This will be followed by the residential visit to Liverpool for a city experience -22nd to 24th May. Steve Pemberton will be providing some cricket coaching to supplement the athletics program.

There are places available at Westgate and Bolton Le Sands cricket clubs for children who wish to develop their skills to a higher level so why not try out a taster session.

Science Activities

The children in Class 4 have been working with Mrs Kay from Queen Elizabeth School to prepare them for secondary school and life after Arkholme!

They dissected sheep’s eyes to identify the structure of the eye and carried out a number of experiments to find out how good human sight really is, before identify some eye defects.

The children then visited QES to work in one of the biology laboratories where they used microscopes to examine the structure of animals and plants cells.



The Rotakids planted purple crocus bulbs in the school grounds in November and were delighted this spring to see the rewards of their hard work. Their aim was to raise the awareness of polio and  to collect money to fund research  to help to eradicate the disease, which they did, by selling purple crocus badges.

Global Warming Project

The Children have been collecting data to contribute to a global warming project run by The Edina Trust. The children planted crocus and daffodil bulbs in the ground in October and then recorded daily temperature and rainfall readings until the bulbs flowered. The date of flowering and the height of each flower was then recorded and entered into the UK data base. Later in the year the children will examine the data to see how early spring arrived this year compared to previous years.

The Saxons and Normans

The children visited Clitheroe castle to find out how the Saxons ruled England and how they organised their society. The children examined and handled some of the artefacts left behind to give them an insight into how the Saxons lived their lives. Finally they discovered the reasons for the rise and fall of the last Saxon kings, and were party to the invasion of both Vikings and Normans, and participated in three battles which eventually allowed the Normans to conquer Britain.


Class 4 Visit to London

The children in Years 5 and 6 from Yealand and Arkholme went to London on Wednesday 25th January. We travelled by train and firstly visited the Churchill War Rooms. After a very quick lunch, we walked past the Houses of Parliament to their Education Centre and met Georgia and Matthew, who gave us an interesting and informative tour. It was really fascinating and some of us even ended up on the
1 o’clock news!

After our tour, we took part in a workshop on ‘Making Laws’, which generated some interesting debate. We then met two MPs; Mr. Ben Wallace and Mr. David Morris.

Mr. Wallace then walked us down to Downing Street for a photograph outside Number 10. However, much to our surprise and delight, we actually got to go inside Number 10!

We had an amazing day and one that we will remember for a life time!

Heysham Power Station Visit

The children in Class 4 visited Heysham Power Station to find out how electricity is generated.
We discussed different types of electricity generation and the advantages of having an energy mix; especially a method which produces little carbon dioxide.

Then we dressed up in our personal safety equipment and were taken on a tour of Heysham 2 power station. We visited the reactor room to see reactors 6 and 7 and the very noisy turbine hall where we saw the world breaking turbine. Finally we looked into the control room which has been continually manned since 1984.

After lunch we visited the exhibition areas where we used interactive models, touch screen computers and information panels to improve our knowledge of how electricity is generated in EDF power stations. We also found out about safety on site, radiation, nuclear waste and other forms of electricity generation. We then returned to the classroom to test our knowledge with a quiz.

A fantastic day trip.

World War 2: Life on the Home Front

To enhance our understanding of what it was like to live during World War II we visited Lancashire museum.

We were greeted by a rather strict ARP (Air Raid Precautions) warden. We were told to put out the lights and sit quietly on the floor. We soon realised how difficult life was. We practised putting on gas masks and learned where the safest place to shelter were during an air raid. We heard the wailing Minnie and identified aeroplanes both friendly and foe by engine noise and silhouette. Tallulah took over the Air raid precautions duties and Martha rescued us from a UEB (Unexploded bomb).

We handled artefacts and coped with rationing. Fortunately Mr Bonwick did not ration our lunch! Eventually we were all evacuated to Wales and went to school
– some of the schools were so full the children only had to go for half the day. Life on the Home front was not all bad !

We all had a fantastic day and arrived back at Arkholme feeling we had ‘done our bit.’