Owls Fair Ground Rides

Owl Class showed us their finished Design Technology projects this morning in worship. They were given a brief to design and build a fairground ride which could hold 4 lego minifigures safely whilst in motion.



There were quite a range of different rides, a helter skelter, big wheels, merry go rounds and lots more. The children had worked hard on planning, changing and building their models and attaching motors and circuits to make them go!



Well done Owls, also a great demonstration of team work and friendship.

Service of Remembrance

On Monday 12th November, we all walked to St John the Baptist Church, Arkholme, for a service of remembrance to mark the 100 years since the end of the First World War.

Mr Bonwick and the children of Owl Class very capably and poignantly led us in readings, poems and prayers.

We all returned to school for the unveiling of our thankful stone, which has been placed in recognition of Arkholme as a Thankful Village. The children left lanterns around the stone and made a collective poppy out of painted pebbles.  








Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

And now our lights shine bright in remembrance of those that made the ultimate sacrifice and with thanks for those that returned to Arkholme.


A very special visitor

Yesterday we had a visit from Pudsey Bear! He cam into school and met all of the teachers and children. We told him all about the fundraising we will be doing for Children in Need next Friday and he was very pleased.


Don’t forget to come to school in your pyjamas and style that crazy hair for Children in Need next Friday 16th November in return for a donation for CIN. We will have a limited number of Pudsey wristbands for sale which are £1 each.

Edina Trust Bulb Planting

On the 18th October the Owls Class planted daffodil and crocus bulbs, including the mystery bulbs in plant pots and positioned them carefully in the school garden. They then planted some more daffodil bulbs in the school grounds. Our ‘Ground Force’ team has been established, and are looking forward to monitoring the progress of the bulbs to compare the flowering dates with previous years.

Great fun was had by all as the photographs show.

More information on The Edina Trust can be found on their website here

Science, Technology engineering and mathematics challenge

On the 12th June, Class 4 took part in an engineering project to design the best water purification system.  The children spent the morning designing and constructing a cradle to support a funnel and in the afternoon experimented with different filter beds to find out which combination of sand, grit and stones produced the cleanest water.

The final part of the afternoon saw each engineering team construct a filter which allowed the greatest quantity of the purest water to pass through within 2 minutes.

Parents joined us for the afternoon when Members of Carnforth Rotary Club, judged the results and awarded prizes to the winning team.

‘a fantastic day, I hope we can do it again’ –Alecia.

Catalyst Science Prize

The Children in Class 4 were awarded 1st prize in the Edina Trust climate programme for the quality of accuracy of the weather data and their contribution to the blog from November 2017 to April 2018.
The £500 prize money was used to fund a visit to Catalyst Science Centre in Widnes.
In the morning the children took on the role of forensic scientists, using : chromatography, chemical analysis of an unidentified powder, blood and hair, footprint and fingerprint analysis to solve a crime.
During the afternoon the children completed a range of practical activities to find the answers to scientific questions. They then visited the museum of chemistry searching for clues to solve a crossword.
‘I have learnt so much, it was really fun, I would like to come again.’ – Joel.

Easter Egg Decorating Competition

The egg decorating competition has closed, the entries are in, the competition is fierce! What a wonderful selection of decorated eggs, the creativity and imagination on show is incredible!


It’s worth noting that the use of egg related puns is also very impressive!


Mr Rowland and Mr McGrath from Carnforth Rotary had the unenviable task of judging the eggs this morning, they have chosen a winner and a runner up for each class.







The results are…

Class 1
Winner – William – Star Wars
Runner Up – Connie – Peter Rabbit
Class 2
Winner – Millie – Dog
Runner Up – Josh – Planet
Class 3
Winner – Gabriel – Eggbert the Chick
Runner Up – Alasdair – Cockerel
Class 4
Winner – Alecia – Harry Potter
Runner Up – Amelie – Faberge Egg

The Judges choice award went to Amelie for the exceptional research and effort shown with her Faberge Egg.

Victorian Toys

Victorian Toys

As part of our project on Victorian project the children researched how children entertained themselves. Toys were simpler in those day. There were no electric sockets to plug devices into and no batteries to help portability. We had great fun building a frame and experimenting with different cams designs to make Christmas toys.


During our school assembly the toys were demonstrated to the other children in the school who really enjoyed the experience.