Class 3 – Election Day

Class 3 worked very hard this week to create parties, manifestos, logos and had a fantastic day of campaigning yesterday.

They delivered their speeches in the hustings (assembly) and the votes were counted and verified and the winner was

James Swindlehurst of the Cool Gang Party



Stone Age Day

In Class 3, we have been enjoying learning about the Stone Age. This week, we turned our classroom into an Axe factory to rival Langdale!
We made string out of bullrush leaves and we cooked damper bread over the fire. We would like to say a great big ‘Thank-you,’ to Ro Thomas from ‘Woodmatters’, who helped us have this fantastic experience.

A visit from Cruella

This morning we found beautiful little visitor trying to join our school, she was climbing the front steps, we can only assume she wanted to join in with Class 3’s creative writing!

Class 3 were fascinated and google tells us she is a White Ermine Moth, isn’t she beautiful!?

Leighton Moss

We all went on a trip to Leighton Moss, to discover more habitats, one of our class fed a Robin from her hand. We had a great day.

Derwentwater Residential

Class 3 had a wonderful time on our residential trip in March, working on our topic of ‘Habitats’.

Great fun, great food and a fantastic time with our friends, all with a bit of learning thrown in! We even got to see the Osprey!