Tree planting

Today, a week earlier than planned, we have planted 75 trees!





A huge thanks to The Woodland Trust who very kindly donated 75 trees to us here at school for the children to plant! You can read about The Woodland Trust on their website






Graham Jackson-Pitt and Alice Helyar helped the children plant the trees today on the Village Hall field, thank you also to the Trustees of AVH for letting us extend their woodland area.





World Book Day – Dress as a word

What a fabulous day for World Book Day! This year, we set the challenge to dress as a word and what a brilliant and imaginative selection of words we have seen!


Fragile, Flamboyant, Puzzled, Rainbow, Injured and Odd to name a few! Mrs Ingram is Emotional!




The children are using all these words to be creative with their writing and making some great sentences.



Thank you to you all for such a great World Book Day!