Arkholme Spread The Happiness Calendar

As you might know we’ve been following the spread the spread the happiness calendar at school for a few years now. Just before Christmas some Kingfishers asked if we could have a hoola hoop day then some other children close by began to ask for all sorts of different spread the happiness days. So I challenged the children to write me a list with the promise that I would plan them in. We then decided to get every class to write a list of ideas for spread the happiness days so everyone has had some input.
So this week we launch our brand new “Arkholme School spreads the happiness” calendar! Each week you’ll see our spread the happiness days listed in the newsletter so you can also join in and celebrate at home. We would love for you to email any photos of any of the spread the happiness activities you do at home and we will share some in the newsletter. In school we will be celebrating these days in lots of different ways sometimes as a whole school or sometimes in class or during break times.
We hope this will help promote positivity in our children, staff, families and wider community.
Keep smiling, Mrs Muckalt

Friday 25th February was Prince, Princess and Fairy day in our Arkholme Spread The Happiness calendar.