Puffins in Paris

This morning Puffin class have taken a trip to Paris, accompanied by Nursery and our special guest Owls.




They enjoyed dancing the can-can!

Le croissant, le pain et le fromage

Owls News Update Summer 2019

Owls News update Summer 2019

This summer term is extremely busy with Year 6 preparing for their move to secondary school, the school play, Sherlock and Cinders as well as sporting events; sports day, cricket tournament and rounders tournament, Tag rugby, golf and athletics competition. The children will also be completing their bicycle safety training. We will be going on trips out of school to; Carnforth and the climbing wall at Salt Ayre, a farm visit at Levens and the Leaders of Rotakids will attend a conference in Lancaster.

We will be beginning a new topic where we will be investigating ‘settlements’ and linking this learn about the UK and our identity. The children will visit Carnforth to develop their fieldwork skills including: map reading, data handling skills and statistical analysis. They will then be able to use the experiences from their recent residential visit to London to make comparisons.

In Literacy we will be focusing on Flashbacks using the Harry Potter books as a stimulus, to help us create our own flashbacks! We will also be looking at letter writing and hopefully linking this into our settlement topic.

In maths we will be continuing with mastering our maths skills, focusing on long multiplication and division, percentages and looking at statistics, which will link into our settlements topic.

In science we will be moving on from Classification to Evolution and Inheritance, focusing on the work of Darwin, Anning and Wallace. We will be identifying the features of animals which aides their survival and specific examples of Evolution.

The children will continue having weekly science, spelling and maths homework and will also need to learn their lines for the school play at the end of the school term.

If you need any further information please contact myself or Mr Bolton.

Kingfisher Stone Age Day

Kingfisher Class enjoyed a morning of Stone Age fun with Wood Matters on 13th June.


First they made stone axes then played Stone Age hunters.




They learned how to identify prey animals by their skulls and tracks. They made string out of reeds.





Finally they made beautiful hammed leaf and flower prints in the woods.

Robins – Shock Kidnap!

You will not believe what has happened in Robin class today!

Earlier, a mysterious letter appeared in the office, confused, Mrs Waddington delivered it to Robin Class.

It transpires that Sunny the Meerkat has been kidnapped! The children have been dusting for finger prints, looking for clues and trying to untangle this mysterious problem.

School Council Meeting

This morning the School Council met to calculate the materials needed for their new digging area. Here they are with Elle using rulers and compasses to make the necessary plans.

Watch this space for the new digging area, it’s going to be great!

British Masters

On Wednesday, our 10 golfers from Kingfisher Class took a trip to Southport to the British Masters Pro-Am day, where professional golfers play with celebrity amateurs. We had a brilliant day, the children played Beat The Pro with Scott Gregory the British pro golfer. Chatted to Mark Foster the Olympic Gold Medalist and Strictly Come Dancing Star. They were inspired by watching some of their favourite celebrities playing golf and even got a little ride in a very posh Bentley Bentayga!.
We would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Ingram who made it all possible!

Kingfishers Press conference

There was considerable interest from the press, with ruler microphones, in Kingfisher Class this morning. The children have begun a new unit on ‘stories from other countries’ and were broadcasting aspects of our own culture that others would find interesting.

Owls Fair Ground Rides

Owl Class showed us their finished Design Technology projects this morning in worship. They were given a brief to design and build a fairground ride which could hold 4 lego minifigures safely whilst in motion.



There were quite a range of different rides, a helter skelter, big wheels, merry go rounds and lots more. The children had worked hard on planning, changing and building their models and attaching motors and circuits to make them go!



Well done Owls, also a great demonstration of team work and friendship.