Liverpool Residential – Day 1

We’ve had a fantastic first day in Liverpool. The weather is beautiful and we’re loving Liverpool. We visited the TATE and saw some very famous paintings by Mondrian, Lowry & Picasso. The Constellation Gallery tested our understanding of art, with some interesting sculptures & installations. One if the most interesting conversations was around Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’.

We then had lunch, before walking to the Beatles Experience. Happily we now all know who the Beatles are! We had great fun playing on the interactive floor piano & dressing up as 60s icons!

After a delicious tea of pasta & meatballs we headed out to Jungle Rumble to play crazy golf. Great fun was had by all (and the teachers lost!).

Everyone was tucked up in bed by 10, ready for a busy day on Tuesday!

Stone Age Day

In Class 3, we have been enjoying learning about the Stone Age. This week, we turned our classroom into an Axe factory to rival Langdale!
We made string out of bullrush leaves and we cooked damper bread over the fire. We would like to say a great big ‘Thank-you,’ to Ro Thomas from ‘Woodmatters’, who helped us have this fantastic experience.

A visit from Cruella

This morning we found beautiful little visitor trying to join our school, she was climbing the front steps, we can only assume she wanted to join in with Class 3’s creative writing!

Class 3 were fascinated and google tells us she is a White Ermine Moth, isn’t she beautiful!?

Our trip to Italy!

On a sunny Tuesday in April 2017, we took our reception children on an Italian adventure!

When Worship was over the Reception class stayed behind and Mrs Muckalt produced some passports they had made previously in class.

The children then made their way back to the pod where an exciting trip to Italy had been planned. They were greeted by passport control ready to check their passports. Then different weighted suitcases were placed on scales at check in and the children were asked to tick a lighter or heavier chart depending on their baggage.

The children then placed their suitcases on the next table where their bags were placed through a scanning device before receiving their boarding passes.

Once boarded and with their baggage in the hold, Chantelle the airstewardess appeared to check boarding passes and seatbelts before the pilot prepared for take off. Once airborne, Chantelle came round with healthy refreshments whilst the pilot described the scenery we were flying over.

Once we landed in Venice, the children were greeted by Fabio and Frederico who took them into the outside play area where a gondola awaited for a sight seeing trip. This was followed by a treat of real ice cream and then a shopping trip for postcards. The children wrote their postcards which enabled them to practice their emergent writing before posting their cards home.

After break the children visited Franco’s Pizza Parlour where they made individual pizzas (later cooked by Mrs Airey ready for them to take home)! This was sadly the end of their visit to Venice and they boarded the aeroplane for the return trip.



Leighton Moss

We all went on a trip to Leighton Moss, to discover more habitats, one of our class fed a Robin from her hand. We had a great day.

Derwentwater Residential

Class 3 had a wonderful time on our residential trip in March, working on our topic of ‘Habitats’.

Great fun, great food and a fantastic time with our friends, all with a bit of learning thrown in! We even got to see the Osprey!