FGB and subcommittee attendance records

Name of Governor Position Elected Start of Term End of Term Resources Standards, Effectiveness & Communications Management
Mrs. Liza Wallace Chair of Governors Parent Elected 28/06/16 28/06/20
Mrs. Beryl Waddington Vice Chair / Foundation Governor

(Health and Safety)

DBE appointed 01/08/15 30/07/19 Vice Chair of Committee
Mrs. Joy Ingram Head Teacher Ex-officio 01/09/12
Mr. Martin Ellam Foundation Governor DBE appointed 01/08/15 30/07/19 Chair of Committee
Mr. Peter Elton Foundation Governor DBE appointed 01/12/12 30/11/16
Mr. Eddy McClements Foundation Governor PCC appointed 01/08/15 31/07/19
Dr. Robin McIlveen Foundation Governor PCC appointed 01/09/13 31/08/17
Rev. Derek Seber Foundation Governor PCC appointed 01/09/14 31/08/18
Mrs. Lisa Tamlin Foundation Governor


DBE appointed 21/09/15 20/09/19
Mrs. Tracy Jackson (Literacy) LEA Governor 14/07/14 13/07/18
Mrs. Nicola Hills Parent Governor

(Communications / EYFS)

Parent Elected 01/09/15 31/08/19
Mrs. Rachael Gibson Parent Governor


Parent Elected 03/09/16 02/09/20 Chair of Committee
Mrs. Emma Muckalt Staff Governor Staff Elected 01/04/17 01/04/2021

Management Committee meeting notes – 13-09-2017

The management committee met on Wednesday 13th September 2017, apologies were accepted from Mrs J Ingram and Mrs N Hills. The minutes from the meeting on the 18th May 2017 were adopted as a correct record.  There was a general update on personnel management at the beginning of the meeting. This was followed by key agenda items that needed to be included in this terms Standards, Effectiveness and Communications committee and the Resources committee over and above what would normally be included in standard agendas. It was noted that all papers must be with the relevant chairs 3 weeks in advance for inclusion in the packs sent out to governors. The dates for the meetings of all committees and the Full governing body were then suggested for the academic year ahead. These would be confirmed and published once the clerking service had confirmed they could provide clerks on the relevant dates.